Refer a Friend

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How it works

  • Create and buy MOO products
  • Share your URL or ticket with friends
  • Your friends become new MOO customers
  • You earn MOOlah to buy more MOO!

A little more about referring people to MOO:

  • How does it work?

  • Referring a friend is as easy as pie – just let them know along with anyone else you think might be interested about your experience with MOO, and refer them using your unique URL. Once they make their first purchase, you’ll get MOOlah automatically credited to your account. And if the person you refer decides to join MOO for Business, you’ll get even more (ten times more, to be exact!) - £45.00 / €52.50 / $75.00 will be credited in your account.

  • Will my MOOlah expire?

  • All good things must come to an end, which means the MOOlah you earn will expire (and disappear) after 12 months – so try to use it before then. If you do come back and make some MOO products, your leftover credit is fine for 12 months from the last date you purchased. We know it’s hard to keep track, so you can log into your account to check your MOOlah amount, plus we’ll send you an email to remind you when your time’s nearly up.

Got any questions?

That’s ok – we’ve got answers! Have a look at our FAQ’s for everything you need to know. And as always, you can get in touch with our Customer Services Team if there’s anything that’s not clear, they'll be happy to help! Any questions? Contact our Customer Service team, they'll be happy to help!

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