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A third side - inside

When you say your first hello and present your business card, you’re offering up a little piece of yourself - but with an NFC card it can be a great big piece.

Embedded in the card is a tiny microchip. When it’s touched to a smartphone, the chip asks the phone to do something. Something you’ve told it to. Perhaps download your portfolio, play music or video, load web pages, maps or apps, save your contact details - the possibilities are endless. Think of it like an enormous, dynamic and exciting third side.

Imagine what you could do with NFC Business Cards

You can update it as you go.

Update it

And again and again. There’s no reason that what your NFC card links to today, has to be the same as it was yesterday. You can update it as you go.

Media, pictures, posts — anything and everything.

Share it

My music, your blog, that movie, tomorrow’s technology, yesterdays style. Media, pictures, posts — anything and everything.

Here’s a map link, our opening hours...

Map it

Looking for us? Here’s a map link, our opening hours, here’s the menu and our daily specials and by the way, here’s a cup of tea on us!

“Bang” - you’re in their address book.


Your new associate just touches your NFC card to their phone and “bang” - you’re in their address book. Not lost, and never forgotten.

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Let's get a bit technical

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s a protocol by which a wireless conversation is conducted between two pieces of closely-held electronics.

You may have already used NFC in your travel pass, door entry system or even your debit and credit cards. And now it’s in phones – is yours NFC compatible?

A MOO Business Card with NFC is similar. When it’s touched to a smart phone, the phone is told what to do. And as the card only stores a tiny amount of information, the instruction usually involves pulling information from the web.

And that’s when the funs starts. It’s possible to rewrite NFC cards over and over using our dedicated NFC App so they never go out of date, or write it so that you control the card even after you’ve handed it out — the possibilities are truly endless.

MOO NFC Business Cards

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