The designer shoe-loving start-up Heyday Footwear now counts celebrities among its many clients - we find out how they did it.

Il team Gobilab ha reinventato le bottiglie dell'acqua. Il segreto? Le personalizzano con le MiniCard. Ci raccontano come hanno avuto quest'idea e che percorso hanno seguito.

Self taught artist Gemgirlart aka Michelle Pryde, was all about Business Cards and MiniCards - and then she discovered Stickers.

FreeFall Radio plays fresh, upbeat and electric music, and their design reflects the vibrancy of their output, with a classic transmitter logo.

Don't forget the little people on your big day! Weddings can be tough for children, so keep them busy with these wedding favour Stickers.

Farrell Photography used their logo on their new cards - with a simple, vibrant palette to give their business identity a fresh perspective.

Incorporating player silhouettes from five main sports, Fantasy Sports Portal's business cards graphically show what they are all about.

Greer Kendall of Family Legacy explains how HIV and poverty left over a million orphans in dire need of his help, in his native Zambia.

Without photography or a strong brand identity, Eric worked with a designer to develop a simple motif to use for his business card design.

Eric si occupa di web marketing, ma quando non è in ufficio o in giro per il mondo, si chiude nel suo studio e si mette a lavorare al progetto che ama di più: riprodurre gli oggetti dei suoi film preferiti! La passione per Guerre Stellari lo ha portato a creare questo modellino, R2-D2 by Eric...ecco che ci racconta la sua storia!

There are six different designs in each pack of Enterprise Nation's business cards, as well as a fully customised details side.

Emedikon's Business Card design is clean, colourful and light - a simple design that matches their straightforward approach to business.