Vintage (with a twist)

Meredith Klassen is the owner of Santa Barbara Silver Safari - a truly unique business, offering the opportunity for holiday makers to take a break in a vintage American travel trailer. Meredith's 1967 Airstream™ has been restored and enhanced with details from a 'bygone era' (plus a few modern day twists).

Retro is back in style!

The Santa Barbara Silver Safari website is full of beautiful photography, and Meredith chose to highlight these images on her new business cards. Using her own vintage-inspired images, Meredith created a retro-cool design to showcase the beauty of the iconic Airstream trailer. The juxtaposition of a modern design style with the '67 Airstream™ photos creates a really special look for the cards. Using the photos to inspire the design palette, the cards also match the style of publications from the 60s and 70s.

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