Artist and blogger Natalie Malik made some beautiful rounded corner Business Cards with her favourite paintings on one side.

Fehlt es Ihnen an kreativen Verpackungsideen für Kundenbestellungen oder Geschenke? Kunsthandwerkerin Melissa hat eine pfiffige Lösung: Zuknöpfen!

Many of our customers make MOO products for themselves, while others design cards for clients. We asked one designer how he does it.

Give your Business Card some extra staying power, no matter where you are, by making it sticky! You'll be impossible to shake off.

Business Cards with QR Codes are a simple way to connect new clients to your online profile. Here's how to make yours really stand out.

In 2008, MOO organised a worldwide, online, and 'Great Outdoors' Egg Hunt. It was for a limited period of time only, but it was a lot of fun.

There are six different designs in each pack of Enterprise Nation's business cards, as well as a fully customised details side.

Greer Kendall of Family Legacy explains how HIV and poverty left over a million orphans in dire need of his help, in his native Zambia.

With a bold, simple colour palette, Hacked Relationship Advice have created a clean, welcoming Business Card that says "Let's talk!".

The team at wanted to share their passion for music with the people they met. With Printfinity, they found MOO had the answer.

Wir lieben dieses süß und simple "MiniCard-Lösung" von Tomas Carillo, Redakteur von The Closet Entrepreneur - so sticht man ideal bei Konferenzen heraus und man hat auch noch die Hände frei.

Eric Schwartz is in the wedding business, so his cards evoke celebration and excitement - very much like the happy day itself.